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Thread: [Publishing svcs] Mascot Books, Inc.

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    [Publishing svcs] Mascot Books, Inc.

    Hello everyone, I am still trying to find a good match for my children's book. I have considered using Lulu, but I am hoping that I can find a publisher if I do my research.

    I have found another company that did not come up in my previous searches.

    The name is Mascot Books (

    I was wondering if anyone has worked with them, and could share there experiences. I am trying to avoid vanity publishers, and I am wondering if this company is one of those.


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    Looks more like a hybrid publisher to me - a company that provides services to self-publishers. Can't tell from the site whether they charge fees for those services up front or take them off the percentage of sales. A quick look at a few of their books showed no glaring typos or formatting errors, but IMO those books definitely needed the services of both content and copy editors.

    ETA: The "About Us" section of the website has the names and nice photos of all the folks at Mascot, but lacks any biographical material about them - so there's no way to judge if these people have any relevant experience in the publishing business.
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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin
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    Mascot Books - Self Publishing company

    I am a newbie and still learning my way around...
    Looking for some feedback about Mascot Books. Has anyone here had their work published through them? I haven't read anything negative about them online but would like to know if anyone here has dealt with them directly, and wouldn't mind sharing your feedback. Thanks for your help!

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    Publishing services company. Mods please merge with existing thread?

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