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Thread: ROTHCO Press

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    ROTHCO Press

    Just heard about this publisher - a local author has a new horror novel out with them.

    They're newish, but the owners, Christine Roth and Rob Cohen, have a publishing background. They're currently tv producers, it seems.

    “Getting back into publishing is about getting back to our roots.” says Cohen. Cohen and Roth published the L.A.-based literary magazine and coffeehouse staple Caffeine in the early and mid ’90’s. Though they published the likes of Charles Bukowski, Allen Ginsberg, Dave Alvin and Pam Ward, Caffeine also nurtured an entire generation of writers and poets."

    They seem to be looking for books that may transfer well into video projects.

    "Roth and Cohen–a best-selling author whose own books have been optioned and turned into successful TV shows–used their producers’ savvy to identify those works and connect with authors whose books, whether new, self-published, or out-of-print, not only interested them but have film and TV potential."

    Their website is very attractive and they've got 10+ books out now.

    "Rothco’s ambitious publication schedule includes new and reissued novels from best-selling author and cult hero Frank Lauria, best-selling comic romances from Jennifer Wiza (formerly Jennifer O’Connell), and e-book originals from J.R. Mattison, Elizabyth Burtis and Criminal Minds technical advisor Jim Clemente."

    I was confused by 2 things on their submissions page:

    "We publish books from a wide range of genres including: nonfiction, fiction, biography, pop culture, pets, adventure/travel, supernatural, horror, mystery, true crime, cookbooks, academic books and more. As of September 1, 2014, we will be accepting unsolicited submissions. We are NOT, however, accepting fiction submissions."

    Open to everything but fiction, I guess. They break their "books" page into "fiction" "horror" and "YA" categories so not sure if they mean they're not taking all fiction, including horror and YA, or just main-stream fiction.

    "We look forward to reading your submission.
    P.S. Please make sure to include video."

    Include a video ... ? Like a book trailer?

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    As of May '15, sub guidelines no longer exclude fiction or require video.

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