I don't suppose we have any bonofied paleontologists or geologists in this group? If so I would like to discuss topics related to my non-fiction book about Pleistocene discoveries at Diamond Valley Lake, Hemet, California. I've just started to compile information on this recent ice age discovery. Nothing has been written on this subject aside from a few newspaper articles and sidebars. This dig went on from 1993 to 1999 as the result of a huge damn and reservoir project out here. They just happened to stumble upon the fossils of 30 mastodons, 10 mammoths and all other assorted species of ice age critters. It was touted as the second largest and most important discovery in southern California, since La Brea Tar pits. Why no one even bothered to touch on this subject has always left me aghast. Hence my desire to pound this script out. I might need a professional to do the intro or forward of the book, perhaps even a consultant (with credit).
It's possible I'll need a b/w line illustrator for animal and map representations--don't know yet. Huge project. Tons of science involved here. I'm cram-coursing in all the related disciplines to prepare myself for this work. I'm waiting on the Southern California Municipal Water District to send me the related photos, reports and resource material. That's because they OWN everything, not the Museum where they are housed.
Any advice or help would be appreciated.
Yours in trust, Chris H. Stevenson aka Triceratops