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Thread: Ebook Promoter / BookTweep / ShoutMyBook

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    Write. Write. Writey Write Write. mrsmig's Avatar
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    Ebook Promoter / BookTweep / ShoutMyBook

    It's a long title since these folks can't seem to figure out what their name really is.

    They followed me on Twitter ("thanks for following," they said, but of course I hadn't followed them) and it took me a couple minutes to figure out exactly what "they" are since their Twitter page doesn't have a direct link to their website. Once I got to the website (a Blogger domain) then it was clear what they do, but not who they are. (Their "About Us" page declares Welcome to kindle promoter.)

    For the low-low price of "9.99 $" per month, they'll post daily on 17 social network sites about your book, to wit:

    • 5 Tweets (1 from each 5 profiles) per day guaranteed, a total of 150 tweets per month.
    • 1 post per day on LinkedIn, a total of 30 posts per month.
    • 1 post per day on Facebook , a total of 30 posts per month
    • 1 post per day on each Top 10 Facebook groups, a total of 300 posts per month.
    Of course, you have to write the posts, but they'll handle the spamming from there on out.

    Wow. Lemme sign up right now.
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    Mostly Harmless SuperModerator CaoPaux's Avatar
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    Updating URL: Is also BookTweep ( and ShoutMyBook (, plus a zillion Twitter accounts.

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    practical experience, FTW JulesJones's Avatar
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    Latest spam to my public email was from FlipLoud. New name and website, same come-on. The main difference is that FlipLoud offer promotion for all sorts of things - apps, crowdfunding, videos... The FlipLoud site offers a list of their Twitter associates, complete with number of followers. The current top ten associates by followers of this incestuous little nest are:

    1. @ebookpromoters – More than 131K Followers
    2. @bragmybook – More than 125K Followers
    3. @booktweep – More than 116K Followers
    4. @Fliploud – More than 88.7K Followers
    5. @dealself – More than 76K Followers
    6. @loudbucks – More than 74.3K Followers
    7. @pingloud – More than 73.1K Followers
    8. @promoraw – More than 70.8K Followers
    9. @PilotPromo – More than 65K Followers
    10. @gempromo – More than 63K Followers

    so I'm posting in the BookTweep thread without bothering to dig any further.

    The top four have all spammed me in some way. I think some of the lower order accounts have spammed my Twitter when I've tweeted "I backed such and such on KickStarter".

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    Yep, they've been spamming me as well, very excited about promoting a book that came out two years ago, whose sequel (which they seem to have missed) has also been out for some months. Not impressed by either their research or their use of English. "I hope your book is doing good on Amazon"... tch.
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