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Thread: The Girl Stuff Thread

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    The Girl Stuff Thread

    I want to talk about girly foo foo stuff although of course boys are welcome too. You know, shoes, hair, beauty treatments, and diet and fitness and stuff. Yes?

    One thing I notice, when I'm stressed or miserable my mind wants to go to fingernail polish or something else that's "surface." So when I meet a woman who's all about all that and other people think she's shallow because of it, my first thought is uh-uh, she's coping. But whatevs, it's fun too.

    So then we get into objectification if we think too deeply on it. And, omg. Yes, no, I don't know. Also, I'm old and I am how I am, yanno?

    Anyway, next up on my list is getting my eyebrows done at a brow bar, a possible new Coach bag from the outlet store here on my month-long vacation, and I want to try the TCA peels which are now available for home use on the cheap and actually really do remove freckles and age spots (and even tattoos, if you get the high percentages). Careful though, you can definitely burn your skin, so start with a low acid percentage. Don't even get me started on pearls of all types.

    Anyone interested? Tell your girly foo foo stuff here. Also, I could swear I write better when my nails are done.
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