My eyeliner trick is to use a copper color (instead of black, which is a bit too contrasty with my skin tone), use a magnifying mirror, and do a short blast with the blow dryer before moving on to the next eye.

I am really hard on nail polish because I play guitar. I also keep the nails of my left hand very short for fretting, and the nails on the right longer for fingerpicking, so it's best not to draw too much attention to them.
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Okay, here's a little trick you might like: If you wear sunscreen or foundation or just moisturizer, whatever the last creamy stuff you put on your face is - dissolve a little Goody's Headache Powder into it. It's just aspirin and caffeine and I've found that topically applied, it encourages a glow and it's great for keeping your skin clear and even-toned. Love it.
I might try that. Will it curb my peri menopausal migraines?