Finally, a thread just for me!

I'm a girly-girl too and have become even more so since I graduated college and started working. Since it helps me afford all the girly girl things. Though I'm not much of a splurger and more of an intense planner, even when it comes to clothes and beauty supplies.

Went to a one engangement and two baby showers this past couple of weekends. Got classy dolled up for all, makeup and hair and everything. It really satisfied the craving, esp since I'd been traveling looking like utter crap the whole time. I'd see nicely dressed girls in the airport and get fashion ideas.

When I got home, I spent it online clothes shopping, since it was Christmas time and the malls were a nightmare. I've returned 75% of what I've gotten online so far, none of it really worked out. I've been trying to hit the malls, but because of New Years they kept closing at six, which only meant a couple of hours of looking around, not to mention getting coffee and returning my ill-placed purchases.

I did get a Marc Jacobs watch though. It's my first ever 'expensive' watch and plan to wear it daily. I honestly wanted one of the more afforable Movado watches, but they were sold out of the one I wanted. They are pricey, but I'm a big girl now and I want to make big girl purchases that'll last a lifetime.

Was that girly enough for you?