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Thread: The Girl Stuff Thread

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    I never shopped high end cosmetics until our older daughter took me along on her trip to Ulta. I'm never buying drugstore again!

    Trial and error have led me to two terrific nail products:

    ZOYA nail polish goes on smoother than most and offers great coverage. Often one coat is enough, even in dark colors. It costs about what OPI, Essie, China Glaze, and other beauty-store polishes do, about $8.50. I'm not crazy about their color selection, but there are many I liked enough to buy. They have buy-three sales through email pretty often.

    SECHE VITE topcoat is a freakin' miracle. It's not just one more layer of nail polish, like other topcoats. It somehow changes the polish on the nail to bond with it and makes it dry hard in a very short time, plus it extends a manicure another two days or so. Since I started using it, I no longer do my nails early in the evening and find my sheets' weave or the pattern of my own hair pressed into the "dry" polish in the morning.

    Seche Vite has two problems. One, it tends to thicken in the bottle over time, so you need to use thinner periodically. Two, it does not play nice with Zoya as it does with other brands. I have not had it drag or crumple the underlying polish, but our daughter has. However, I still swear by it.

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