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Well, there's a product failure. For the first time, I spent a bit on an anti-aging product, in this case L'Oreal Revitalift Triple Power Concentrated Serum. It's just now starting to pump with difficulty, meaning it's about gone. Zero difference. Really, none at all. It was supposed to have visibly improved texture and tone in one week, reduced wrinkles in four. None of that happened. Goodbye, twenty-five bucks.
Sorry to read that, Maryn. Getting ripped off at the beauty bar is not fun. But I love this thread, love all things beauty.

I grew up in a house of women and we shared rooms so we could devote one bedroom to makeup. I'm Just giving you an idea of how this obsession started. My oldest sister had her cosmetology license, as did my mother, so we had a beauty salon (don't think they're still called that) in the basement. To this day, I'm pretty sure none of us goes out without at least a little makeup on. I've been judged about my obsession plenty by girlfriends who don't get it, but they just can't begin to understand. There's one thing about beauty and makeup I can count on and that's a little bit of creative play every morning. What color will my lips be today? Is it an eye shadow day or not? Am I feeling like showing the world a friendly or bitchy face? All can be had with a brush and a tube.

As for aging creams, I've found that it pays to spend the big bucks and go to a professional. She taught me that there are three levels to beauty products: over-the-counter, spa grade or medical grade. All three might have the very same ingredient but the OTC contains only a drop while the medical grade gives you the wallop you need to get the job done. It might not be the cheapest way to go but you won't be throwing your money in the trash!