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Sorry, I am having a hard time organizing my thoughts tonight. Okay, I guess I just don't understand why specifically "powder foundation" when there seem to be far fewer choices in those than in the liquid foundations. Especially when you are already having a hard time finding a shade that's light enough for your complexion, it seems like making it even harder. Is there some reason it has to be a powder foundation?
Yeah, it has to be powder because the wet, sticky feel of liquid foundation totally grosses me out putting it on and the heavy feeling on my face continues to annoy me until I wash it off. Maybe kind of weird, but I've known other people who felt the same.

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The Kid steered me toward a makeup blog she reads that tries out pale-skin products and reports back. Hmm. I don't seem to have saved the link, but it might be My Pale Skin. Or Hopelessly Pale.

If you find a powdered foundation that matches, please share its brand and the shade. Both our daughters have a dislike for liquid foundation (as do I) and they'd probably like to try it. I know Bare Minerals didn't go light enough for them, although I liked it best for a couple of years.

I'm using Urban Decay Naked these days, but I'm covering rosacea and don't try to match my skin tone but correct it, which is a whole other thing. Here's their palette: https://www.urbandecay.com/naked-ski...=1&cgid=14_301 The lightest one looks awfully pink.

Have you gone to a store that puts makeup on you? I had that done once at Ulta, just foundation, which is how I got into Bare Minerals--and that's where a super-made-up store employee got me to try Urban Decay instead. (Too often people my age are invisible at Ulta.)
Urban Decay doesn't look nearly light enough, especially since my skin tones are neutral, but as soon as I finish NaNo tonight I will see if I can hunt down that blog you mentioned.

I've never been to a store that lets you sample make-up like you described. I live in a pretty small town, so it's possible we don't have places like that. Also possible I just don't know about them, lol.

I'll definitely update if I find anything.