The Kid steered me toward a makeup blog she reads that tries out pale-skin products and reports back. Hmm. I don't seem to have saved the link, but it might be My Pale Skin. Or Hopelessly Pale.

If you find a powdered foundation that matches, please share its brand and the shade. Both our daughters have a dislike for liquid foundation (as do I) and they'd probably like to try it. I know Bare Minerals didn't go light enough for them, although I liked it best for a couple of years.

I'm using Urban Decay Naked these days, but I'm covering rosacea and don't try to match my skin tone but correct it, which is a whole other thing. Here's their palette: The lightest one looks awfully pink.

Have you gone to a store that puts makeup on you? I had that done once at Ulta, just foundation, which is how I got into Bare Minerals--and that's where a super-made-up store employee got me to try Urban Decay instead. (Too often people my age are invisible at Ulta.)