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That's a lot of it for me, too. When I was younger, I cared more what judgment people would make of me, based on my appearance. As I've matured, I came around to what people had been saying all along, that who I am isn't how I look.

Oddly, though, I tend to wear makeup every day when we're vacationing or traveling for any reason. Like, I'm never going to see these people again, so it's important they think well of my appearance. Logic and I are complete strangers, huh?

Maryn, whose kid teaches logic, among other things
You know that's funny. I do the same exact thing. When on vacation, I am wearing making up every day, even to go get ICE???!!! I mean how stupid and weird is that? What if I see NO ONE in the DAMN hallway? But then some handsome stranger could leave his room and meet me in hallway at the Ice Machine?? "Meet-Cute" anyone???