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Thread: [Publisher] Write Path NI

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    [Publisher] Write Path NI

    Came across these folks today - Write Path NI -

    Publisher based in Northern Ireland.

    Gut insitinct is telling me no - site talks about how your 'baby' will just sit on a slush pile to be rejected if you send it to a 'traditional' publisher.

    Only appear to have published three books to date and seem to have no real genre focus which worries me in a small publisher.

    Seems like a vanity press - this is from the 'services' page :

    We will also offer guidance, support, editorial and design services to authors who wish to keep control of their work, but need help to self-publish a professional product. These services are bespoke and fees negotiated depending on the project, please contact us for further details.
    But no list of prices etc for packages, which strikes me as not being very upfront.

    Also from the 'services' page:

    Have you trawled through the numerous articles that fuel the debate between 'traditional' and 'self-publishing'? There are pro's and con's for each, but maybe we should begin to think more in terms of professional and unprofessional publishing. Whatever way you decide to go, we can help and steer you down the Write Path.
    Although I'm leery about the 'professional' aspect here - three books, bad site, no real information on the publishers, deliberate misinformation on how publishing actually works, no names etc.

    Perhaps I'm wrong, but it's coming across very much as a start up press initially used as a cover for self publishing, now trying to lure in other writers.

    Anyone have any dealings with them?

    EDITED TO ADD: Company is registered to a residential address in Belfast and lists a Janine Cobain as the director. Janine Cobain is one of the three writers on the site. So loos like I was correct in my assumptions.
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