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Thread: Capital Talent Agency

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    Capital Talent Agency

    I found them in the Guide to Literary Agents: New Agent Alerts section. I've never heard of them before this. They don't list the books or authors they represent, so it's hard to gauge.

    Any thoughts?

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    I'm finding a post about a year old in which someone names it as one of the two legitimate agencies for actors in the metro-DC area while giving sound advice on avoiding agent scams.

    Capital is mentioned, again for actors, at a few other legit webistes, starting with The only mention for writers which I found easily was at

    My biggest concerns would be that they're all over the place, repping playwrights, actors, lighting designers, costume designers, choreographers--and writers. And that they're not in the bosom of the US publishing industry, New York. Granted, they may have connections there, but my understanding is that most of the really good agents are in or very near New York.

    I don't see anything screaming "Scam!" but I see things which would make me hesitate nevertheless.

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    From their website:
    Capital Talent Agency represents authors in all genres of fiction and non-fiction, as well as playwrights and screenwriters.
    Sounds like they may be spreading themselves a bit thin, especially with only three agents (one of whom is the CEO) and an assistant. The bios don't tell that they've actually sold anything. The only working link on their literary page is that for submissions.

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    Just wanted to chime in and say that a lot of very good agents don't live in New York. Albeit, as far as I can tell, most agents do live and work there.

    And I'm not just saying this because my agent lives in Boston (though her agency is based in New York). Kristin Nelson (of Nelson Literary) lives in Denver, and a number of agents live in L.A. I think the main thing is having connections and realizing that travel to the publishing hub is an important necessity (to meet and greet with editors).

    And D.C. isn't really that far, since you could take a train and back in a day.

    To the topic, however, I wouldn't submit anything to them until they had some history of selling books in my genre.

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    Lead literary agent currently Cynthia Kane (PM page, such as it is). Recent (only?) sales to Sourcebooks and Fiery Seas (press release)

    She also runs Open Book Editing:

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