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Thread: [ePub] Sinnful Ebooks / DA Media

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    [ePub] Sinnful Ebooks / DA Media

    They befriended me on Goodreads. I couldn't get their site to work for me:

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    Their site isn't live yet - not a good sign! - but here they are on Twitter:

    Official Page of @SinnfulE bringing you Erotica, Romance, Comic's,Horror one chapter at a time.
    ...and Facebook, which they joined on 5th October:

    We are a new publishing house based in Mississauga Ontario Canada. Our main focus will be to provide new and emerging authors an avenue to showcase their work on our platforms. However everybody is welcome.

    We are offering a highly competitive salary split of 70/30 with a one year term. We take care of editing, cover art design, distribution and marketing of your novel. Payments every month.

    So if your an Erotic or Mainstream Romance author these are our guidelines...
    The guidelines include:

    Please do not send in your manuscript if it has these elements in it.
    (Please Note for our Erotic Tales characters must be 18 years or older).

    No incest
    So if your ms does include incest you should be fine.

    More gems:

    A Teaser to wet you appetite from Author James Fuller "Until Death Do Us Part"

    Are you a Horror Fan? Do you have a scary, creepy and Sinnful Tale to tell? If you answer yes to any of these, then we want to hear from you! After all what is Sinnful E-books with out the biggest Sinn of them all Horror!!!

    Please submit your query we are looking for 12,000-90,000 words. Anything goes type of books.

    Please keep in mind the more hotter the better!

    We would like to know if we where to translate our books which language would you prefer?
    Is there any chance of you translating your Facebook copy into comprehensible English?

    Our official email address is now up and live please feel free to email us with submissions, quires and any other inquires you may have.

    Created by David Parsons, Sinnful aims to help give a global platform to Erotic & Romance writers and artists – both new and emerging, and more established writers and artists.
    I couldn't find any info about David Parsons, but a W Parsons lives in Sinnful's post code area (L5J1C8, according to Facebook).

    Seriously, people who are incapable of setting up a website and proofreading their copy probably shouldn't be in the publishing business. One of the Sinnful Ebooks I found on Amazon was at least readable, the other didn't have a Look Inside feature...but here's an extract from it I found on Smashwords:

    Skating backwards and dancing around to the music, Katia Cruz 26 years of age ends her performance in the middle of the ice with her right arm under her chin and her legs spread eagle. She just skated the skate of her life but there are many more to come in the qualifying stages of the World Championship of Figure Skating. With many twist and turns in her free program the hopes of qualifying in a great position for the next stage is good. Katia with a big white smile wearing a red dress with diamond sparkles on it. Wearing red skates, with her shoulder length black hair free flowing and not tied back. With a C cup in bust she is very perky.
    Sinnful Ebooks is a division of DA Media, whatever that is.

    I also wonder if Sinnful obtained permission to use the image featured in their logo, as it turns up here:
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    They had me running for the hills at "competitive salary split."

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    The poor English of Sinnful's Facebook and Twitter, particularly the Unnecessary Capital Letters and chronic shortage of commas, is very similar to that of the book I quoted above. I'd be surprised if this was just a coincidence, given that it was Sinnful's first release.

    Oh, and how's this for a dubious claim:

    To #authors #ebooks #eroticnovel #romancenovel #agents we have contacts with film production and distribution for potential films to be
    He/she ran out of characters at that point but we can complete the sentence - "...made from Sinnful E books."

    The person behind Sinnful also seems to be behind another Mississauga-based business, "Fast and Forever Blankets", who are the lucky recipients of a shout-out on Sinnful's Twitter.

    Any inquires on my blankets feel free to email me
    Mmm...where have I seen that distinctive spelling error before?

    This may well be the first time anyone has combined the careers of erotica writer and knitter of woolly blankets.
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    Closed mid '15. (an author's mention)

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    II 2016: 2017:

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    Thanks for keeping this and other threads updated.

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