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Thread: LitFire Publishing

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    One of the two LitFire books found by Victoria on Google Books was Barbara Bergstrom's Don't Forget Your Keys, supposedly published by LitFire on 5th May 2010. Yet here it is in Trafford's bookshop with a publication date of 4th May 2010:

    The other, Keith Steinbaum's The Poe Consequence, was published by Abbott Press on 6th March 2012 - the same day on which it was supposedly published by LitFire!

    *scratches head*

    A Google search for 'Tori Mesh' indicates that it's a pseudonym drawn from mathematical/computing terms. Her Zoom profile doesn't make any sense:

    Tori Mesh
    Senior Publishing Consultant
    Authorhouse UK Ltd.
    Phone: (812) ***-**** HQ Phone
    Email: t***@***.uk
    Local Address: Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
    She lives in Milton Keynes (home of printer Lightning Source) but has an Indiana phone number?

    1663 Liberty Drive Suite 200
    Bloomington, Indiana 47403
    United States
    Ah, that would explain the phone number.

    That profile hasn't been updated for two years. I'd be very surprised if 'Tori' and Portia weren't the same person.
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