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Here's Portia Peterson's LinkedIn profile:

Crikey! She was a Senior Marketing Specialist at AuthorHouse for twelve years.
AuthorHouse UK, that is. Tori Mesh, the other name I've heard in connection with LitFire was/is also at AuthorHouse UK; her title is/was "Senior Publishing Consultant". Here's her profile at ZoomInfo. And here she is acknowledged in an AuthorHouse-published book from 2011.

From Litfire's About Us page:
With hundreds of published titles and more than 50 publishing partners, we have learned how to succeed and soar in the eBook market.
According to any evidence it's possible to gather, from Amazon, Google Books, and extensive websearches, this is quite simply a lie (unless LitFire was publishing under a different name). Amazon shows three (count 'em, three) books for LitFire. I was able to find two more with Google Books. That's it.

They claim to have been founded in 2008. The two books that carry their name but aren't on Amazon were pubbed in 2010 and 2012. According to Whois, however, their URL was registered in June 2014.

There is something more than a little smelly about all this.

- Victoria