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Thread: LitFire Publishing

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    Two of the LitFire books on Amazon needed an editor, not a marketer/publicist:

    Lost from a wagon train headed west a ten-year-old boy is saved by a Indian from starving. The Indian having lest his family and son in a massacre, raises him as his own, giving him the name Chad'tu.
    Yes, there's a typo on the back cover and the rest of the blurb is littered with grammatical and punctuation errors.

    Gilbert and Jade despite their differences are the very best of friends. Gilbert is serious and aloof and fancies himself to be the world's greatest scientist one day.

    From LitFire's website:

    Back Cover Copywriting

    The back cover is one of the first things many people look at when deciding to buy a book. We will help you put your best foot forward from the get-go by offering a well-written, stellar back cover copy.
    If these two authors paid for this service they were robbed of $99.

    Here's Portia Peterson's LinkedIn profile:

    Crikey! She was a Senior Marketing Specialist at AuthorHouse for twelve years. "Marketing" at AuthorHouse means, of course, selling overpriced services to naieve new writers - and then selling their own books to them. For this reason alone I wouldn't touch LitFire with a bargepole.
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