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Thread: Premium Press America

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    practical experience, FTW
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    Post Premium Press America

    I spotted this publisher on Goodreads and thought I'd start a thread on them. Here is the link to their page:

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    This is an ,um, interesting opportunity to be a PPA book distributor: You can join the "Premium Press America Associate Publisher Program" by buying PPA titles and putting them on consignment.
    The PPA distributorship was designed to offer our Distributors a substantial financial return from a simple and effective in-home business.
    Among the "retail outlets for marketing your books" are zoos, antique malls, beauty shops, car care centers, automobile dealerships, libraries, independent books stores, and a multitude of others. Yeah, right. And they offer help:
    Your PPA business coach will find the best start-up locations for your business and provide on-going location services to help grow your business.
    "Success and versatility are yours!"
    Your books go into an already successful business, meaning that sales start the very same day your displays are installed. No waiting to build traffic. With the wide variety of retail outlets available to Premium Press America Distributors, your potential market is virtually unlimited! Each Distributor has the ability to tailor the gift book displays to each specific location.
    And—an offer you can't refuse:
    Premium Press America displays are provided AT COST to Premium Press America Distributors and come in a variety of sizes. Books are shipped to Premium Press America Distributors in quantities of 100 each.
    . . . and there's a lot more.

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    Once you've heard the truth, everything else is just cheap whiskey.
    Caramba. Shades of the PA-Jiffy Lube pitch from years ago.
    Cameron Bane

    PITFALL, WildBlue Press

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    I was wondering about submissions. I found this through the Googles:

    Looks like they did have a mass merchandise program, but have suspended it temporarily.
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