OK writers, this is something a little different but should appeal to the open-access-to-information types.

Outernet (www.outernet.is), Humanity's Public Library, is offering completely global, always-available distribution of digital content. Through a network of geostationary satellites, we are able to broadcast any type of digital file, such as news, courseware, emergency alerts, entire websites and of course, books, text and writing prose of any type.

Because we are using satellites instead of the regular internet, we can broadcast digital content free to users (no need to be on someone's dataplan), to anywhere/everywhere in the world and sidesteping government censorship of the internet, a growing issue in places like China, Russia and other authoritarian countries.

We are currently operational in North America, Europe and North Africa, and will expand Asia, Africa, and South America by year's end. Outernet's data broadcast is received by numerous types of consumer-grade satellite equipment and is available without a subscription to end users. If you would like to know more about this most unique way to self publish to the world from space, either visit the Outernet website or contact me at ian@outernet.is