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Thread: Encompass Editions / Ocean Cooperative Publishing

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    Encompass Editions / Ocean Cooperative Publishing

    Hi, I searched the forums but couldn't find anything about these people here. A dear friend of mine is getting ready to dive into this particular ocean.

    It appears that Encompass is a "traditional" publisher, and Ocean is their co-operative arm. They also offer editing services.

    I leave it to the good people at AW to vet these people and see if they would be a fit for my friend. For over a year she's tried hard to interest agents and has presented her memoir mss. to various Indie pubs with no offers. Now, she's willing to pay to have her work produced.

    Maybe these people are on the up-and-up. Hopefully, they are. I just don't want to see her book sink beneath the waves. Help, please.


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    Personally I'd find the combination of 'traditional', co-operative (a euphemism for 'vanity') and an editing and writing service rather off-putting.

    Clicking the "manuscripts" button on the Encompass page leads you to this:


    Writers and agents who wish to inquire about publishing through Encompass Editions are encouraged to contact

    The Jean Shepherd Editorial Agency

    Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    From Shepherd's own site:

    In April, 2011, I reached an agreement with Encompass Editions (, a fairly new publisher painfully overstretched by the costs of copyediting and proofreading new authors' work intended for publication. While continuing to work with my writer clients, I'll act as a formal conduit for submissions to Encompass. I don't know if I'd relish crafting rejection slips -- thankfully I can leave that to the publishers -- but whatever the outcome, I'll continue to derive a curious pleasure from the meticulous process that transforms mere words into that venerable art form -- the book.
    What have Encompass and Ocean Cooperative actually published? Unless I've missed something there's no information about their books on the site.

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    Thank you, Alice, for chiming in. Because of your thoroughness, I was hoping you would.

    If you click on the link provided above, then click on Encompass, you'll see eleven books they've published since 2009. One Amazon listing has a paperback by them for sale for a whopping $26.95.

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    EnCompass last published in '13, and Ocean Co-op in '12.

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