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Thread: [ePub] Sixty Minute Story

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    [ePub] Sixty Minute Story

    Keith Laufenberg

    9 hrs

    I have been contacted by this "publisher" above link. They have emailed me several times about clicking on this link or that link to approve my story that they have online. The story, "The Terror," is one of my novellas, published in a book of s.s. titled "Any Other Name," and available for about a year on Amazon and most online book retailers, in print or e-book, so it was kind of a shock to get this. I've tried to email them several times with no positive results. I even "joined" the site, just to send them an email but got no answer. I don't remember ever sending them this story and am basically, very curious about why or how they got the manuscript. Not that I wouldn't let them post it, after all it is publicity for a book of s.s. that contains 10 other s.s., besides this one, and is, therefore, I suppose, good publicity. It's just that I can't establish "who" they are or "why" they are posting my story. In the Capitalist society we all live under, I'm not too big of a fool not to realize someone is probably making some green out of this somewhere and being a "contributor," albeit unknown to me, I would want to know how much and what if anything they pay to (re)publish this story? Does anyone have any idea who they are?

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    They posted your story without your permission? It's a pirate site.
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    Someone in a similar thread posted a link to a website that files automatic DMCAs for free. It can probably be found with a google search as well. Probably your best bet for now.

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