I got spammed by these guys today.

I apologize for blocking the message and reporting it as spam before screencapping it. It's easily summarized, though:

1. Hey, writer: You've got a book. Want more sales and money from it? Welcome to Day 1 of our free 30-day marketing course!

(NOTE: I never signed up or asked for this. Their website specifically says:
"Sign up and I'll immediately send you a free 30 day course on how you can connect with readers, build your platform and sell more books.")

2. We've helped all these writers get more sales and increase their web presence and earn more money! [insert short list of writers, only one of whom I recognized]

At this point, I nuked the spam. I wonder if anyone with basic web navigation skills will bite on the unsolicited "free course". Does anyone click on links in spam any more, seriously?