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Thread: [Promotion] Self-Publisher's Showcase

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    [Promotion] Self-Publisher's Showcase

    I was recently followed on twitter by these folks and decided to check out their site.

    So another pay site that supposedly helps out authors. Has anybody used this site, and if so, have you seen any bump in traffic/reach? I wonder about all these, since I'm guessing 99% of the traffic is from other authors.

    A related question: How can we see what type of traffic is driven to a site like this?

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    1) YADS
    2) You can estimate their traffic using various online tools but honestly, why would anyone go there other than their customers?
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    A quick check on shows some reasonable estimates of site popularity: 450K on global rank, and 130,000 US rank - though these are explained to be only estimates. You could cross-check with Amazon ranks and the Wayback Machine (Internet archive service) to see if the former site's featured books have had increased traffic.

    In general, I am very skeptical of paid display sites. But they may work for some folks.

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