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Thread: [Display Site] Qpeka

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    practical experience, FTW Weirdmage's Avatar
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    [Display Site] Qpeka

    (Hope I did the name of the thread right.)

    So, as I was looking at the comments to the Hachette CEO's answer letter to Amazon I came across this comment. The name given for the person writing it leads to the site: Qpeka.
    Their about page is pretty interesting reading. According to their "author payout table" they are still in beta, but they plan to have authors payed by "Part of ad-revenue".
    In the comment I started at, "Abhishek" says they already know that authors can get revenue equal to sales proceeds...

    This looks like complete amateur hour to me. As a reader I do not want to read ads in my books. And I have trouble seeing how the author can get paid the same as by royalties unless we are talking a lot of ads. Would be interested to know what everyone else thinks.

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    I grow my own catnip JulieB's Avatar
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    The reply to the comment you liked to pretty much sums it up.

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    Writer Beware Goddess Absolute Sage victoriastrauss's Avatar
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    This is an Indian site. I'm seeing more and more Indian sites related to self-publishing and promoting--some pretty bad--as India starts to catch up with the digital revolution.

    - Victoria


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