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Thread: Rosebud Magazine

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    figuring it all out
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    Rosebud Magazine

    Has anyone done business with them recently? I sent them a story back in May. I live in the same state so I'm sure it didn't take very long to reach them. I followed all the guidelines and here it is August without a word. Even sent an email to the editor last week and that hasn't gotten me anything. Should I just forget about it and send the story somewhere else?

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    Just another face in a red jumpsuit shelleyo's Avatar
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    Did you write a check for the $1? Was it cashed?

    If you filled out the envelope exactly the way they wanted, made sure you included a proper SASE, paid the $1 that they are ridiculous to charge, and if it's been more than 45 days, you can email them at to inquire.

    Good luck. I was interested in submitting there a long, long time ago, but my hand involuntarily made rude gestures when I read that they charged a dollar per submission. With that finger sticking up, it was near-impossible to print my sub and deal with the envelopes, so I gave up.
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