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Thread: Titan Publishing House / Titan InKorp Ltd.

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    Making it up as I go along... TheOneTrueBen's Avatar
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    Titan Publishing House / Titan InKorp Ltd.

    This is a new one, evidently out of the UK. It has all the hallmarks of a vanity press. Looks like they started in April of last year, and they have a slick looking page. I'm still looking into the website, but I wanted to drop this here to see what everyone thought or if anyone had heard of them before.

    Not to worry, I'm not thinking of publishing anything with them. But it looks like they already have several authors hooked.
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    practical experience, FTW Weirdmage's Avatar
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    They look like they are foremost a service provider. Found this on their "Get Published" page:

    When you decide to publish with us you get all these great benefits included at no cost:

    • Custom Cover Design
    • Promotional Banner Design
    • Social Banner Design
    • Formatting
    • Book Conversion
    • Marketing
    • Author Feature on both website and our online magazine
    • QR code connected directly to your blog or website
    • Full Print Cover Design
    • Distribution to thousands of online and offline retailers
    • One to One Support
    • Copyright Protection
    • Book Review

    All that is included in your contract, so you’ll only have to pay the £100 ($150) towards the editing, the rest is covered by us.
    Interestingly they also have a "Publishing Guide" on that page...They start the process with proofreading...

    It looks like it an amateur operation to me. More clueless than anything else.
    I did do a double take on the name though. And can't help wondering if they deliberatly wanted people to think of Titan Books when they saw it.

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    Cat hair collector PVish's Avatar
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    Here's the first red flag, second line of their homepage:
    A company dedicated to helping you make your dreams come true
    Other red flags:
    we believe in trust, honesty and great values which is why we never make promises we can’t keep.
    and this (Note that the second sentence is a run-on, which makes me wonder about the quality of editing.):
    Unlike most publishers who either charge huge amounts of money before you get in or those who just seek out ‘highly skilled’ authors we in fact seek those that have never been given a fair chance. We are certainly not a vanity publisher, in fact it doesn’t cost the author to sign up with us, all we ask is that you are honest with us from the start, we’ll take care of the rest.
    And on this page for one of their services:
    Common mistake are made, we can correct them.
    . . . and this:
    These are just some of the common problems author’s face when publishing their eBook and most don’t even realise they are doing it.
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    Who's going for a beer? waylander's Avatar
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    Not to be confused with Titan Books who do graphic novels plus a range of fiction and are highly respectable.

    "wonderfully old-school epic adventure fare"

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    American Novelista
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    Quote Originally Posted by waylander View Post
    Not to be confused with Titan Books who do graphic novels plus a range of fiction and are highly respectable.
    Right, Waylander! My U.K. publisher is Titan Books and they are a true (and wonderful and forward-thinking and incredible) publisher of books (sci-fi, fantasy, crime, etc.).
    Visit me at

    Land of Shadows (Forge & Titan) Now available in bookstores and on-line!
    No One Knows You're Here is now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iTunes!
    The View from Here now available at Amazon, Free for Amazon Prime Members

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    No activity in a year, parent's site ( is gone, and corp. records show it was "dissolved via compulsory strike-off" this month.

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