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Thread: [Publicist] Media Connect (formerly Planned TV Arts)

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    [Publicist] Media Connect (formerly Planned TV Arts)

    Another title for this post could be Tangled Webs.

    How I long for the naive days when I thought best sellers became best sellers because the writing was so good! It really makes me wonder if anyone on those lists deserve it or have they just found the key to it all - publicity.

    Here's what got me going on this know all the discussion that's been going on about Warren Whitlock. Well, this is a link that comes in the newsletter from Planned TV Arts. This link features Rick Frishman and Planned TV Arts (of which he is the president); it's about using an e-mail blast to publicize a book.
    (Notice the root of this link? That's Warren Whitlock's site! Just take off the /pta.htm part and see for yourself.) Apparently, Rick and Warren are doing some kind of joint venture, thought it never mentions Warren on that particular page.

    Here's the kicker: Planned TV Arts ( has been around for over 40 years. It is one of the highest profile book publicity firms around. See the link on their testimonials page. It includes celebrities and bestsellers such as James Carville, Howard Stern, Jack Canfield, John Gray, and Barbara Bush as well as several recognizable publishers!

    Rick is also a co-author of Guerilla Marketing For Writers and other books.

    Can anyone out there shed some light onto this and tell me what this is all about? Seriously, why are we all trying to get agents and publishers the old-fashioned way? Can we really do it all ourselves by just paying for publicity?

    I swear the more I learn about this business, the more confused I get!

    Any comments or information would be greatly appreciated. (If I hadn't found this site to discuss things with other peple who are trying to struggle through this journey too, I don't know what I would do trying to make sense of it all by myself. Thanks, everyone.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWriteStuff
    Can we really do it all ourselves by just paying for publicity?

    Next question?

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    ...we have successfully set up promotions that compel hundreds or even thousands of readers to buy your book in a short period of time.
    Dang. Compel them. Why didn't I think of that?

    You are getting sleeeeeeeepy....

    Seriously, this looks like one of those plans where people are offered gifts and prizes if they'll all buy your book on the day of its release, propelling it (usually briefly) to top status on Amazon or B&, after which you can attach "bestselling" to all your publicity material. This can work--I seem to remember that Jenna did something similar, through a different company, for one of her books--but it's a relatively small window, and once the bubble passes you'll probably be back where you began.

    - Victoria

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    [Publicist] Rick Frishman

    Does anybody know anything about Rick Frishman? I know he's written a lot of books for authors and he "says" he's a top publicist for authors. "Enquiring" minds want to know. We're exploring the idea of hiring a publicist to compliment what our publisher is doing.

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    Rick Frishman is one of the publishers at Morgan James, a vanity publisher that's the subject of a thread in this forum.

    - Victoria

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin
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    Rick Frishman


    Yeah, I know that he's associated with Morgan James Publishing which is why I'm a little concerned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Janis Love View Post

    Yeah, I know that he's associated with Morgan James Publishing which is why I'm a little concerned.
    On one hand, he's affiliated with Morgan James Publishing, which is a red flag. However, he is affiliated with Ruder Finn, which is a very respectable PR firm.

    Still, if you go to the Ruder Finn website, and click through to the "Planned Television Arts" section, you'll see impressive and specific lists of clients on managing director David Hahn's "About Us" page, and on the pages of other department heads. On Frishman's page, you see fairly vague puffery and plugs for his own books.

    If it were me, I'd steer clear and go with higher-profile, more proven folks, even if they're slightly more expensive. I'm distrustful of anyone in the publicity field who does a horrible job of presenting their own experience and credentials.
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    Adding link--site talks, but "off" buton is easy to find:

    Censorship always defeats its own purpose, for it creates in the end the kind of society that is incapable of exercising real discretion. -- Henry Steele Commager
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    Still working on that second novel
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    A few years ago, I inquired about PTA's PR services. As it turns out, they offer a program similar to the "Amazon Bestseller" program. Here's the link to their webpage that explains it- scroll down to the bottom to "Plan B":

    That's not their only promotion package, but it was the one they recommended to me. The cost? A mere $7,500. (And that was years ago.)

    For that price, I could buy half a ton of my own book on Amazon (625 copies, to be exact) briefly make it a bestseller and have all those books to show for it as well.

    Needless to say, I took a pass.

    Ever since I contacted him, I've been on Rick Frishman's email list. Today I received a copy of his latest newsletter. I'm posting it separately because it's so long, but it will give you a clear picture what Mr. Frishman does. (I squished it down as best I could- he uses a lot of white space.) Mr. Frishman not only pitches his own products, but other products as well. There's a few tips from one of his books (AUTHOR 101) in about the middle of the newsletter that explains how publishers accept and edit manuscripts. It would be interesting to hear Victoria's and Mr. Macdonald's opinion of those tips.

    There are indeed quite a few notable bestselling authors in the PTA stable...

    ...but somehow it's hard to imagine they were all asked to fork over $7500 (or more) to promote their books through an "Amazon Bestseller" program.
    An Audience for Einstein website:

    The Huffington Post book reviewers really like my book:

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    Rick Frishman's Newsletter

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    Oh, my heavens.

    So, yeah, remember the thing I said above about being distrustful of people in the public relations industry whose own communications present themselves in an embarrassing light?


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    I received a postcard from these folks at work today. Work is printing but not literary books, I guess they didn't do their homework? They probably got our name from a mailing list as I see they are using the legal and not the DBA name.

    Regardless, the postcard gave me a start from a design perspective--first of all, there is text in the space reserved for Post Office use, which most if not all postcard printers know is a big faux pas. Additionally, it is crammed with text much like the above email.

    Overall, gave me a lukewarm feeling so I thought I ought to search the Water Cooler to see if there was already a thread on them.
    Quote Originally Posted by Introversion
    All true. But U.S. debates (and elections) are being judged by average people who are often seriously misinformed on important issues, and that vote for people they'd "like to have a beer with". The mainstream media is happy if the circus entertains, and so it goes.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shannon L. Alder
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    [Publicity] Media Connect / Ruder Finn Group

    Hi all,

    I was contacted by Brian Feinblum of media connect and he asked me if I wanted to be interviewed. His company is supposedly the "nations oldest and largest book promotions firm."

    I was wondering if anyone had any interactions with this company. My hunch is that this is a company where you pay for them help you with promotional work. Which I guess is legit, but I don't know if it's worthy my time/money.

    Thanks for any guidance,

    Anthony (now with a blog!)

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