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Thread: [Writing app] Novlr

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    [Writing app] Novlr

    Here's the link. They followed me on Twitter, but I don't follow back unless I know a little more about the outfit.

    They have a .org address, which usually indicates a not-for-profit organization, although it looks like it's going to be a subscription-based site once it gets out of beta testing.

    Seems to be a blend of Scrivener and online storage sites like Dropbox. Anyone know anything more?
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    It looks interesting. As you say, a combination of dropbox and scrivener, both of which I already use. I would be concerned about security and whether using their review system would be considered 'published'.

    I'd like them to post a little bit about the terms of service before I considered using them.

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    Same here. Other than my trusty Carbonite subscription, I try not to use cloud-based storage and other apps. I don't even use Google docs. I can see the utility, I'm just skeptical of the security.

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