Since publishing my first SP book (Let Me Get This Off My Chest) a year ago, I received the rights back on my two lower MG paranormal/humor books which were under contract with a small e-only pub. (Because of delays, first on my end because of surgery, and then on their end, the time span specified in my contract ran. I, erm, politely asked for my rights back, and they were returned. We remain on friendly terms, which is good because they hold the rights to my first two books.)

It just seemed like I could do a better job myself (with my creative partner Mr. Steveís help) offering my books in paperback since the young readers still donít seem to be on board with e-books.

So thatís my story. Iím veeeery excited, even though itís a lot of work being your own publishing company. (But you all know that.)

Hereís where Iím at so far and my production schedule:
Proofs ordered for Mr. Katz is a Zombie (HURRAY!)
Send out ARCs to review sites by mid-to-late July
Mr. Steve is currently working on the ebook versions, mostly placing the illustrations and tweaking
Offer eARCs through a Netgalley co-op, and LibraryThing
Upload book info to Goodreads soonish
Offer eARCs on Goodreads through the Making Connections group
Create separate section on my website for the series
Create Twitter account for the seriesí characters (not sure how Iíll do this until I do it. The idea is that the MCs will be communicating to each other via tweets. May end in disaster.)
Continue to work on and finish bookís Pinterest page (which is set to secret until itís ready)
Look for blogger reviewers who specialize in MG books
Create Facebook event a few days before release. (Iíve never done this before because I donít want my friends to disown me. This will be a first. Iím hoping to keep it fun and light. Itíll be some kind of book release/dance party type of thing.)

Release dates for the Goethalsburg Ghost Squad Series:
Mr. Katz is a Zombie, 10/14/14
Martin Barton Might be a Werewolf, Spring 2015
Ghost Pirates are the Worst Kind of Pirates, Fall 2015

As things progress, Iíll evaluate whether to continue the series to a book 4, or not. Books 2 and 3 are already written. Book 2 needs to be edited; book 3 has a few revisions, then editing, to go.

Iím very excited about this, but I have to admit, lately Iíve been feeling a bit like a dog chasing its tail.