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Thread: [Publisher] Brick Cave Books / Brick Cave Media

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    [Publisher] Brick Cave Books / Brick Cave Media

    Has anyone heard of them or had dealings with them? I haven't been able to find any threads about them on absolute write.

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    Hmmm... not much info about this Arizona pub. Their submission page indicates a pretty narrow window for consideration. Preferred format is a little vague... Snail mail only for subs?

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    Brick Cave also handles film and audio projects. From a 2012 interview with founder Bob Nelson:

    My Name is Bob Nelson, and I stay busy in Mesa as the CEO of Brick Cave Media and the Executive Director of Anthology, Inc...

    When I first moved to the valley in 1994, I was interested in creating a publishing company. It was in the middle of the desktop revolution, and the idea of publishing a magazine was attainable. I wasn’t sure I knew what I wanted to
    publish, but I had always enjoyed poetry, and had written 3 chapter books of poetry by that time. A Mutual friend introduced me to Joe Giunta, who had also been publishing his own writing under the Anthology moniker. So, we endeavored to create a new literary magazine, called it Anthology, and away we went for the
    next 10 years. Joe moved on to other endeavors in 1996, and Sharon Skinner and I continued to produce the magazine until 2004. We first tried to sell Anthology as a pdf file in 1997, but soon found out we were a little ahead of ourselves. In 1999, I
    started a webs casting show called, and again found I was a little
    ahead of myself. In 2002, I opened the Anthology Café in Mesa as a way to try and
    create a literary hub in the east valley. In 2008, Joe and I started working together
    again, and I created Brick Cave Media to start to organize the various projects that
    were exploding across my desk, and still are to this day.
    Of the 20 books currently available from Brick Cave no fewer than 15 are by Nelson, Skinner and Giunta; the others are collections of poetry.

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    Brick Cave Media

    Anyone have any experience with this company? All I know: they are in AZ, and made a movie they showed at Phoenix ComicCon. They also publish books.

    (apologies if there is an existing thread.)

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