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Well, it's a fantasy world, but they do have television, so something on the order of CSI.

Does your main villain have a soft spot for anyone in his life? A sibling, a parent, a spouse, a child? Or is he bad to the bone?
No. He has a complete lack of empathy and doesn't connect with other people. He sees them as ways to get what he wants, not as people. As such, he has no-one that's close to him in the emotional sense. He does maintain alliances with people though, like his henchmen that enable him to maintain his position of power within the tribe. There are lots of people who stay on the right side of him because they've seen what happens to people who get on the wrong side of him, but fear and admiration is not the same as true friendship.

Was your villain born bad (like Voldemort) , or was there an event in his/her life that made him/her turn bad (like Darth Vader)? If the latter, what was it? And is there any hope of redemption?