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Thread: [Publisher] Forbidden Lust

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    figuring it all out
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    Sep 2013

    [Publisher] Forbidden Lust

    I did a search and did not find an existing thread. Apologies if I just missed it.

    I found a call for submissions from Forbidden Lust ( For the anthologies they pay a flat rate of .0075 per word, for three year exclusive rights.

    Forgetting that a 5k short would net $37.50, isn't the three year exclusive thing kind of odd? It seems that they could reprint, repackage and sell a lot of times in 36 months. Are first-rights not the more common method, rather than a set time period?

    The contract for general submissions is 50% net royalties and a seven year contract.

    Is it me, or are those crummy terms? Has anyone had actual experience with this venture?

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    These guys? Forbidden Lust

    There's access to a sample contract on there: Forbidden Lust sample contract

    And about the founder: Kayci Morgan (self-pub author turned publisher?).

    It only distributes through Amazon, Smashwords etc, so no distribution from the main site by the look of it.

    Author Website: Jack L. Pyke
    Reviews: Goodreads

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    figuring it all out
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    Sep 2013
    Yes, that's the one.

    I couldn't find where they had previously published anthologies.


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