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Thread: NovoPulp / Hermit Studio Press

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    Question NovoPulp / Hermit Studio Press

    Does anyone have input on Novo Pulp / Hermit Studio Press? They've put out one SFF anthology, and are working on a second. Shared profit, no up-front. The idea is that this is a Google+ based endeavour.

    They seem like pleasant people, but have sent a contract to sign before any story is accepted (on the chance that it will be). I declined, but thought I'd check whether others had run into this model (or this publisher).
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    I'm no expert, but signing a contract before any story is accepted sounds insane, unless this is like the beginning of them paying you a monthly wage not dependent on accepted stories
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    Every contract I've signed includes a guarantee to publish the work (and a statement along the lines of if it isn't published in a timely fashion, the contract is broken). How can there be a contract if the work hasn't been accepted? What are they asking you to guarantee them? And in exchange for what?

    I can understand having terms and conditions that restrict certain things during the submission process, like not submitting elsewhere, or request that your work is your own and contains no copyright infringing material, but a full on contract is something entirely different.

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin
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    Jun 2014
    In the end we agreed not to sign a contract until stories were accepted. Which they were.


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