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Thread: [Marketing] Book Social

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    [Marketing] Book Social

    I wasn't sure if I should post this here or in the Beware section (given that the Bewares is still primarily agents and publishers and whatnot). So by all means, mods, put this where you think best.

    Today I got a message from a Douglas Jeffords on Goodreads, and this is what it says (and claims):

    Hello Nicole Taft,

    I'm a Marketing Manager at Book Social project. This product is specifically designed for authors and reveals super effective techniques used to increase book sales on autopilot using Facebook. The product works for all genres and on all platforms (Kindle, iBooks, Nook, etc.). It is also ingeniously simple - you can set it, forget it, and profit.

    Other authors report amazing success stories after using this product. Our statistics show that the average increase in sales is 65% with our techniques alone. There is no tactic more effective than this one... I guarantee it! This technique is only used by few bestselling authors.

    If you decide to use this product, I can almost guarantee you'll receive the same or even greater success than others who already used it. We want quality work to receive the audience it deserves!

    I'm sending you a personal link to a product with a 80% discount: [shortened google link I've removed]

    Good luck and don't forget to report your sale results to me later.

    Best Regards,
    Marketing Manager
    Book Social

    I googled around and couldn't find this "Book Social" thing he speaks of - and I've tried all manner of keyword combos and boolean characters. I certainly wasn't going to click on the link but I did click his name and apparently he's from the Czech Republic and just joined in May. There is nothing else on the page. Soooo yeeeaaah.... I just wanted to throw this out there in case other people get a similar email and are curious about what's going on.

    Or in case someone already did, has clicked the link, and actually knows where it goes and whether or not it's legitimate.
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    Sorry if this can't be more help, but just judging the numerous logical fallacies that's in the message, I'd say it's total BS. I have no experience and perhaps others will chime in, but to me it's as flaky as a rusted paint job.

    You might want to rename the thread to have "Book Social" in the title.

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