I think this might fit best here as I am still dealing with writer's block, but this is one of the ideas I've come up with as my idea well for new stories has dried up.

A while ago, I wrote a lot of stories, but one of them I had quite a bit of fun with as it was more of a comedic piece than anything serious. It ended up being a little too cheesy. I was thinking I could revamp it, take the main plot and characters and just follow the general premise but fix some of the other details. My problem is that I don't know how to go about doing that. I am questioning whether this would even be a good idea, or if I should just continue to try and do something new instead.

Have you guys used this tactic--taking old stories and rewriting them--to help out with writer's block? How did you go about doing it? Did you work on it alone or did you have someone to help out and bounce ideas around? Even with an existing structure and characters, was it easier or did you still find yourself struggling?