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Thread: Publibook Ireland

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    Where did I put me specs? euclid's Avatar
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    Publibook Ireland

    Anyone know anything about this publisher? It looks to me like a typical vanity publishing outfit. Not much info on the web site about contract terms.

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    practical experience, FTW MickRooney's Avatar
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    A recent new kid on the block in Ireland, JJ. Three core people involved - Brenda Wood is a long time journalist and editor and Gilbert Dawes comes from a background of technology and writing. Dawes has been involved in other small-scale publishing projects.

    I've not reviewed the publishing services in full yet for The Independent Publishing Magazine because the company is not in operation much more than a year. If publishing services is your chosen path, then I tend to advise authors to stick to a company with an established record.

    Distribution looks more like standard wholesale and the website lacks a great deal of information.

    The catalogue of books consists of covers I personally wouldn't consider to be of trade standard.
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