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Thread: [Script svcs] Hollywood Embassy (Mitchell Peck)

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    [Script svcs] Hollywood Embassy (Mitchell Peck)

    The following is an unsolicited email that's being sent to writer's groups.

    It strikes me as less than appropriate and my more cynical side notes that a producer who doesn't have a stellar level of successful films and who has several gaps between films, might view would-be screenwriters as a lucrative additional income source.

    He may be full of good will, but this is not the way to go about things. Note that his original IMDB link and other links was a tracking link, allowing data collection by a professional list service, which means he's used a professional contact expert to run his solicitation; that looks really bad.

    I've denatured the links in this post so that they're vanilla links; I've left the links in his sig for y'all to copy-and-paste.

    Hi There!

    My name's Mitchell Peck. I’m a Hollywood Producer of 3 studio movies (and numerous studio development deals) -- all based on screenplays I developed with first-time, unrepresented writers (Here's a link IMDB page.)

    I researched writers' groups around the country and found your information as the point of contact for [redacted] -- I hope you don't mind the message.

    For 20 years in Hollywood as a producer, I've specialized in working with aspiring writers outside the Hollywood system -- developing their scripts, and successfully guiding them into top literary agency representation, studio deals, and produced movies. (Here's a link to testimonials from a few writers I've worked with)

    The problem for aspiring writers outside of Hollywood is that studios have a blanket policy of "no unsolicited scripts," and getting expert feedback/guidance on a script from a legitimate, accredited professional is nearly impossible.
    That's why I recently decided to open a boutique screenplay consultancy, Hollywood Embassy -- to help serious, aspiring screenwriters improve their scripts professionally.

    As part of my launch, I'm approaching a handful of writers' groups and offering to host a 30-minute presentation about the realities of breaking in to the movie business from the perspective of a working Hollywood movie producer. ("Ambassador to Hollywood: how I helped 9 aspiring screenwriters become Hollywood professionals")

    Would your group be interested in having me "visit" via Skype etc. and speak with them?

    If yes, please let me know when is a good time to follow up, or feel free to send me an email or call me at [number redacted]. Of course, if you'd rather pass or can't coordinate, no worries! Either way, please forward to the members of your group if you feel like they would find it helpful.

    I appreciate your time, and wish you all success with your writing. Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Thanks in advance,
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    I'm part of a local writer's group who received a similar e-mail from Mr. Peck. Though we do have some published authors among us, none of us have been lucky enough to have an honest-to-Hollywood producer come calling.

    But that isn't really how it works, is it? There are no shortage of scripts, screenplays, novels, and intellectual properties waiting for a development deal. Why would a successful producer be trolling writer's groups for new clients?

    Spidey-sense tingling!

    Seems as if Mr. Peck were any good at his job, we'd be lining up to buy tickets to see his latest million dollar baby instead of throwing out bait to see if any star-dazzled writers snap it up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nighttimer View Post
    I'm part of a local writer's group who received a similar e-mail from Mr. Peck. [...]

    Seems as if Mr. Peck were any good at his job, we'd be lining up to buy tickets to see his latest million dollar baby instead of throwing out bait to see if any star-dazzled writers snap it up.
    He, or whatever company he's using, has also been posting in Meetup writer groups. In my opinion, it comes across as desperate at best, sleazy at worst.

    Even if he didn't produce million dollar hits, if he is as noteworthy as the email leads people to believe, shouldn't he just have to post the announcement on his website(s) and people will come to him?
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