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Thread: Spieler Agency

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    Mostly Harmless SuperModerator CaoPaux's Avatar
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    Has a website now:

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    FYI, Eric Myers is with Dystel & Goderich as of earlier this year:
    Sprawling historical - trunked ATM
    YA speculative (Books 1 & 2) - shelved
    YA retelling - on sub
    YA unrelated retelling - on sub
    YA ghost story(ish) thing -

    Yet another YA retelling -
    draft zero complete

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    practical experience, FTW
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    I couldn't help noticing this discouraging line from their Submissions page:

    "But please note that most publishers today are highly selective about what they publish, and often decline to consider works by unknown or uncredentialed writers."

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    Mildly Disturbing Filigree's Avatar
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    Publishers have always been selective, to lesser or greater degrees. That line from Spieler seems like waffle wording to protect them from over-ambitious author expectations. 'We tried to sell it, honestly, but the publishers are not interested.' Well, duh, maybe it's your fault for taking on a writer who wasn't ready?

    In truth, new and uncredentialed authors get signed to the big leagues all the time. They're just generally good writers, or they have a story topical and on-trend enough that it may merit the extra editing.

    Spieler kind of lost any interest I might have had. I parse that line as basically meaning 'We might take on projects that are not ready or that we do not believe in, and offer excuses when we've wasted our time and the author's.' I'd rather have an agent who tells me, 'This is bollocks and I can't sell it. Go write me something I can sell.'

    Reading deeper into the website, I see that Spieler doesn't seem to take on a lot of fiction anyway, so that doubly removes them from my lists.
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    Anyone know anything about Helen Sweetland? I usually can learn something about agents, but this time I pulled up zip, other than she's "Spieler Agency’s principal children’s book agent." Since that's from their site, that doesn't help all that much.

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    figuring it all out bin_b0x's Avatar
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    Aug 2017
    EDIT: Never mind. Read outdated info.
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