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Thread: Writer Beware's 20 Worst Agents

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    I rec'd an email today from Barbara Bauer, Ph.D asking me to remove a post on my blog where I repeat the Top 20 List. I'm not replying to her yet but thought I'd toss her request here first.

    She sent the email via a contact form on my site.

    Barbara Bauer, Ph.D. wrote:
    Cease and Desist: Regarding your post of the 20 Worst Agents which you have copied from an Anonymous Competitor "Miss Snark," it is disparaging, and inappropriate as well as libelous and defamatory. Remove it promptly. Thank you. Sincerely, Barbara Bauer, Ph.D.

    the post:

    email address the message is from (which can be faked on the form): cannoliq @
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