About Basic Writing Questions

Basic Writing Questions (BWQs) are perennial questions asked by writers when they’re just getting started, or when they reach a new stage. They’re usually general in nature rather than about a specific plot element, and include questions about how to write, what to write, or even why to write one way or another.

Movable Threads

Y'all may notice that generic or basic questions sometimes get posted in Writing Novels and similar specific discipline forums, when they really apply to all types of writing—novels, short stories, even screenwriting.

These threads tend to get shunted around from forum to forum as your humble moderators try to find the best fit, but usually we end up with a compromise.

Basic Writing Questions is a natural home for many of these wanderers, as well as a growing resource for writing-related FAQs. Where applicable, threads will be renamed to best reflect their content and make things easier to find (most especially if the thread title is something super-meaningful like "Help" or "Question" or "Another question" etc. ).

If it seems that a thread posted here might probably do better in other forums then the thread will be moved, and a redirect link left behind so you can easily follow the thread to its new home. There is no insult in having your thread moved into this forum or moved back out again; don't let the forum's "Basic" label worry you. It’s simply a matter of putting things in the best place so they get the most attention and the best answers.

FAQs and Resources

Please notice the amazing Sophia has created a Sticky thread that’s an Index of existing threads on popular Basic Writing Question topics.

For questions about how the Absolute Write forums work, see the FAQs. You might the FAQ: The Absolute Write Dictionary helpful in understanding abbreviations that are commonly used by AW members.

And of course there's the The Newbie Guide to Absolute Write.

We also have Publishing FAQs and Resources.

Do look around all of AW; it's a huge place, so take your time.

Please PM Medievalist if you have suggestions for BWQ.

*Thanks to dpasterso, from whom I ruthlessly stole great swathes of text.