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View Poll Results: Public poll: As a reader, which act do you like best in the three-act structure?

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  • I generally like Act I best

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  • It totally depends on the story or I don't have a preference

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Thread: In stories that follow a three-act structure, which is (usually) your favorite act?

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    In stories that follow a three-act structure, which is (usually) your favorite act?

    I'm editing through the third act of my amquerying novel again. While writing and editing this thing, each act poses different problems for me.

    Act I: effectively introducing characters and problem (still not hitting the bulls eye)
    Act II: Avoiding soggy middle (this was work but I think I'm there).
    Act III: Seemed to need action and violence to resolve, (neither of which I am comfortable writing.)

    I'm just curious. When you read a novel, or see a movie, is there one act that you prefer over the others? I always gravitate toward act II. I like seeing the characters in their 'new world,' growing and experiencing new things.

    But I bet a lot of people like Act III better. Maybe some people really like Act I best, because ... who knows, maybe because it is a new story they're eager to be introduced to. I dunno.

    I'm curious if you have a favorite 'act' as a reader, in the three act structure.
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