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Anyone know anything about Stacy Donaghy? She's started her own agency, and as far as I can tell, her only experience is a stint with Corvisiero Literary Agency. Corvisiero's thread on this forum mostly talks about how they had a "pay for editing" business on the side. I can't find any record of sales for Stacey Donaghy, and I find her website a little off-putting.

"With over twenty-two years of experience and formal training in Adult Education, Management, and Social Services, Stacey brings a wealth of technical and professional experience to the literary world."

That just makes me think, "but what about your agent/ publishing experience?"

She's actively seeking new clients, and has quite a list of "pending" sales on her site.

Anyone have any information? I admit to being rather skeptical when it's an agent I've not heard of, but perhaps my google-fu is weak and I'm just not finding her sales. Or maybe it was this sentence from her site: "Some of Stacey's first-time and self-published authors are bestsellers."

Why would one need an agent to self publish? Is that a thing? Why?