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Thread: Screenplay Factory

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    Cat hair collector PVish's Avatar
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    Screenplay Factory

    Saw a Facebook post from someone involved with the Screenplay
    . Her post sounded as if she were trolling for clients.
    Authors, Is YOUR book or Ebook perfect for the big screen or TV? FREE quote [email redacted] - FREE promotion and pitching for clients. Check out our latest Book to Screen news! Awards, feature news, films, festivals, distribution, etc! - ! Please email me for more info. as I might not check back on this note, and am interested in your question. FREE quote: [email redacted again] - check our MANY outstanding recommendations on LINKEDin, etc. and our website below.
    All those FREEs are flapping red flags, and the web site looks, er, less than professional.

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    Wilde about Oscar aliceshortcake's Avatar
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    More info about screenwriter Kathy Krantz Stewart of Screenplay Factory:

    I've never heard of any of the "award-winning" projects with which she's been involved. There's a trailer for her film Master Race From Mars on Youtube and it doesn't look professional.

    Oddly enough, on the 'Recommendations' page there's a glowing tribute from Jennifer Etherton, whose literary agency was the subject of a thread here a couple of years ago:

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    Just me...keeping it real deborahbusby's Avatar
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    Looking for more information


    I was solicited by Kathy Krantz Stewart to adapt my book into a screenplay. I'm very anxious to see my book on the big screen but I don't want to get taken advantage of.

    Does anyone have more information on her or her services?

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    Not as sweet as you think Aggy B.'s Avatar
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    When some one wants to turn YOUR book into a screenplay it's called an option. They pay you a certain amount for what amounts to a temporary license for them to write a screenplay and try and sell it (at which point you would both get more money).

    It's highly unusual for an author to HIRE someone to write a screenplay of their book. And also be aware that the number of screenplays written vs number of screenplays actually produced each year is abysmally small. Less than 1%, if I remember correctly.

    I would be very wary on anyone wanting you to pay them to turn your book into a screenplay.

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    from words to worlds zmethos's Avatar
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    Saw the Screenplay Factory crop up on another Facebook page today. Based on how terrible the site is, I wouldn't trust them to turn my book into anything. I have a screenwriting degree and so wouldn't hire anyone to adapt my novels anyway, but this just feels wrong to me. I mean, I guess I can see why someone who doesn't know screenwriting might want to hire someone to turn their book into a screenplay, but why not just learn it yourself? Or better yet, get your book optioned by an actual producer or studio? Paying someone to adapt it doesn't guarantee it'll get made into a movie. As difficult as it is to get *anything* made in H'wood, you're most likely tossing money out the window.



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