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Thread: Screenplay Factory

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    Screenplay Factory

    Saw a Facebook post from someone involved with the Screenplay
    . Her post sounded as if she were trolling for clients.
    Authors, Is YOUR book or Ebook perfect for the big screen or TV? FREE quote [email redacted] - FREE promotion and pitching for clients. Check out our latest Book to Screen news! Awards, feature news, films, festivals, distribution, etc! - ! Please email me for more info. as I might not check back on this note, and am interested in your question. FREE quote: [email redacted again] - check our MANY outstanding recommendations on LINKEDin, etc. and our website below.
    All those FREEs are flapping red flags, and the web site looks, er, less than professional.

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    More info about screenwriter Kathy Krantz Stewart of Screenplay Factory:

    I've never heard of any of the "award-winning" projects with which she's been involved. There's a trailer for her film Master Race From Mars on Youtube and it doesn't look professional.

    Oddly enough, on the 'Recommendations' page there's a glowing tribute from Jennifer Etherton, whose literary agency was the subject of a thread here a couple of years ago:

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    Looking for more information


    I was solicited by Kathy Krantz Stewart to adapt my book into a screenplay. I'm very anxious to see my book on the big screen but I don't want to get taken advantage of.

    Does anyone have more information on her or her services?

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    When some one wants to turn YOUR book into a screenplay it's called an option. They pay you a certain amount for what amounts to a temporary license for them to write a screenplay and try and sell it (at which point you would both get more money).

    It's highly unusual for an author to HIRE someone to write a screenplay of their book. And also be aware that the number of screenplays written vs number of screenplays actually produced each year is abysmally small. Less than 1%, if I remember correctly.

    I would be very wary on anyone wanting you to pay them to turn your book into a screenplay.

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