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Thread: Vanguard Literary Agency

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin honoluluwriter's Avatar
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    Hi all,
    I sent an email to Ms. Lu yesterday to inquire about the status of my partial which I sent on July 31. She politely responded that she has been swamped and that she would not get to anything sent in July until next month. She thanked me for my patience.
    Its not a rejection, so I still feel like that's good.
    I am sure being an agent is a tough business to break into and perhaps that is why she has not had reported sales. Of course, I'm new to this too. Now that she is with Lori Perkins, perhaps that will help.

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin K. M. Walton's Avatar
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    I sent her the first 50 pages back on February 18, 2009. I've emailed her four or five times with absolutely no response whatsoever. Very strange.

    Why bother requesting? I don't understand.

    I've given up on her.
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    Zen Quixote PGaritas's Avatar
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    in tumultuous times
    She responded to my query and requested the same material - first 50 pgs, 3 pg synopsis, and bio, and yes, with all the eclectic formatting rules (which didn't really bother me, besides being a minor hassle).
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    just thanks tko's Avatar
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    no one finds this post specious?

    This is the 2nd time that someone has joined simply to praise Ms. Lu, with no facts, and no response to questions. It seems that Ms Lu is well aware of this thread. It's pretty bad when an agent works at three companies but can't quote a single sale. The problem seems to be in her own head.

    Once more, her description of what she wants haven't changed with the three agencies. Exact same wording. Its sad when a new agent doesn't update her bio and what she wants over three jobs, shows no growth.

    Interestingly enough, they are reference to interview with her, but the interviews no longer exist.

    We have someone at work just like her. Interviews well, talks well, very convincing, but when it comes to getting the product out the door, nothing.

    Glad I found this thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by honoluluwriter View Post
    I have also only recently discovered this thread and found it interesting because Sandy Lu requested 50 pages, bio, and synop. I am still in the waiting process and would be very interested in the progress of others' from whom she has requested materials. FinalDraft, would you share more of your experience?

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    figuring it all out
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    May 2010
    Do not know Ms. Lu nor have plans to query her. But per the L. Perkins Agency thread at AW, Ms. Lu had four sales in April of 2010, confirmed by Ms. Perkin's blog.

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    Oh, the humanity. Giant Baby's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by foliogal View Post
    Do not know Ms. Lu nor have plans to query her. But per the L. Perkins Agency thread at AW, Ms. Lu had four sales in April of 2010, confirmed by Ms. Perkin's blog.
    I believe it was two sales actually, but she sold four books in total. One of the sales was a three book deal to Midnight Ink.

    As far as this thread is concerned, I don't think Vanguard is still around. She was the only agent there and she's with Perkins now. The Perkins thread is probably a better place for these observations, at this point.
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    Yep. I'm going to close this thread for the time being to direct discussion of Sandy Lu to her current agency:

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