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Thread: Inventive Press

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    Inventive Press

    New epub.

    Royalty only: 50% net digital; 40% net print, and "bonuses".

    Want novel length inventive speculative fiction, because shape-shifting moody teens are banal. Have published not a damn thing. There isn't even a collection of the founder's short tales to showcase what kind of cover and design one can expect. (the Looking For page) (the Straight Talk page) (the Why Bother page)

    Say they're not going to be a small epub author-mill, but an author-cultivator. For every one reader the author reaches, they will reach a hundredfold, and everybody wins.

    Say nice mantras like "money always flows to the author" and borderline b.s. mantras like "even major publishers only issue advances to established authors".

    I say "borderline b.s." because since they finally reacted after a lag of only a decade to certain market developments, every major publisher has indeed suddenly grown itself a digital-first arm most of which are places to divert new authors to and only pay them royalties. So, with some contortions, this sentiment can, since of 2012-2013, be made to sound kinda true, unfortunately.

    Anyway, I would like to point out that when new publishers pop up all feisty and will show everyone how it's done, one would like to see at least a single example of editing and design.

    No online store sales ranks to check out, no book reviews to read--all right, this goes with being so new you're squeaking--but at least a link to the home page of the artist who will be doing the covers. At least a link to the editor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dondomat View Post
    Have published not a damn thing.
    I didn't need to read any further.

    At best, I'll put them on the "wish them well and check this thread later if they come up as a potential market" list, and at worst I'll check back to a thread with 9 posts, the most recent by CaoPaux saying "Last issue was back in such and such, email to editor bounced."
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    Uh, ya, another new e-pub paying on net. Yeah, we need another one of those STAT. But...I wish them well and hope to see them in a couple years.


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    I'm obviously not their target market, because when I read this, I let out a hearty laugh worthy of an Evil Overlord.
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    "Publish not a damn thing."

    I give my giant stamp of not recommended.

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    We’re particularly interested in young writers at Inventive Press. We believe we have an excellent business plan for marketing the work of younger writers, especially high school age authors.
    This is weird to me. Also, what business plan? Everything is worded so vaguely. Get specific!

    Also, nothing about who's running this joint. No names, no bios, nothing.
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    M'kay ... only trace of it now is a re-branded Smashwords page:

    On their copyright pages, the first two books are listed as being published by Porto, but I can't find any other connection to the existing (?) Porto Publishing (which hasn't published anything since '11).

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