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Thread: Sakura Publishing & Technologies

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    dvj124, Tupelo, Ahsahta, Copper Canyon (which you didn't mention, but is another highly respected poetry press) all charge fees, either reading fees through their open submission period or through contests. I would not call them vanity presses.

    However, they are also mostly poetry presses, and poetry presses (mostly, again) don't make money. In fact, many of them are non-profit enterprises and the funds for the contests generally goes back into production, not into a bonus for the CEO (not that a "bonus" would probably happen for any publisher). They also are generally really--to repeat myself--are highly respected in the poetry world, so if you are published by them it's a credential to be proud of.

    BUT they also generally don't sell thousands upon thousands of copies of books. AND they also don't sell copies of the books to their authors and expect to get marketing done that way. All of those presses spend money on advertisements in trade magazines and go to the major book fairs and have distribution in place to find an audience for their authors, however small that audience might be (because we're talking about poetry here).

    Slight de-rail, and I apologize. As for the strictest definition of "vanity press," as Queen of Swords has stated, they might still be considered such. However, note that being called a vanity press doesn't include any judgment about the press involved, it is simply describing the process of production.
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