So what you are saying is that Tupelo press is a vanity press because they charge a reading fee? Wow. We are just going to have to agree to disagree on that one.

It's obvious you just don't want to hear that authors have a responsibility to invest in their books they write. But let me just say that nowadays, it doesn't matter if you are with a traditional press or small press. The game has changed in the past several years. Your way of thinking is the old way of thinking. If you have a press who encourages you to buy copies of your books at the onset, they are being forward thinking about the fact that they want you to succeed and know that this makes sense on so many levels I don't have room here to type them all. It's smart BUSINESS (assuming of course these presses aren't scamming through book buying). You are looking at publishing as this romanticized notion of send your manuscript in, get accepted, sit back and let your publishers do all the work.
UH, no.
Maybe twenty years ago that miiiight have been somewhat true, but today more than ever, with all the options authors have at their fingertips, this makes no sense for authors to do their best to market themselves in addition to what their publishers do. And one of the best and most easiest ways for an author to do that is to buy books, sell them to their friends and family, and get a bunch of reviews put up on amazon that way. If you can't see how that isn't good business, we're done talking about this.
But then again, by your logic, you think the presses I listed are vanity presses, so maybe I am fighting a losing battle here if you seriously want to call those presses vanities.
And curious, why wouldn't you recommend Sakura? If it's for the reasons you've discussed, then that means you wouldn't recommend a company like Tupelo, one of the most distinguished presses for poetry writers in the WORLD, because they charge a reading fee?
Enough said I suppose. Good to talk to you and take care. Good luck to you with all your publishing endeavors, if you are even a writer.