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Thread: [Publisher] Freedom Fiction

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    has a hedgehog annetookeen's Avatar
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    [Publisher] Freedom Fiction

    I haven't found a thread on them yet. They are listed on duotrope as a (token) advance-paying publisher of short stories and novels. Link:

    Any thoughts?


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    Wilde about Oscar aliceshortcake's Avatar
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    Some info about proprietor/editor Ujjwal Dey:

    I'm impressed that Mr Dey also finds the time to be a life coach, tarot card reader and dream interpreter!

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    Mildly Disturbing Filigree's Avatar
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    Oh, dear.

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    starting over Marian Perera's Avatar
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    Freedom Fiction is primarily for fans of Speculative Fiction.
    That's not what's generally meant by "all". Though I wouldn't consider any publisher that accepted every genre under the sun either.

    We donít accept fan-fiction as of now due to ambiguities in its legalities.
    Good to know. Pass.
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    Grumpy writer and editor Absolute Sage Gillhoughly's Avatar
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    I checked some of the titles and charging 9.99 for a 175-page book is not the way to go. Sales rankings are in the well over 1 million level, which means the author might sell a copy every other month or so, if he's lucky.

    I was wholly unimpressed by the editing as well. Whoever does the proofing needs to do a better job of it, especially on comma placement, and it would help to have a period at the end of sentences.

    Their "pay" is a joke. An author of such fiction is better off self-publishing. At least if he makes a sale every other month, he'll get more money from it.



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